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Acupuncture is an ancient healing approach based on natural laws describing the movement of life in nature and in the body.  This life force, Qi, courses through the body via channels of energy. When the Qi in the body is full and moving properly, health is promoted. When Qi moves disharmoniously, illness and disease can develop. Symptoms are viewed in relationship to the totality of a person to address the underlying cause of a condition. To restore the smooth flow of Qi, hair-thin needles are gently inserted at specific points along the energetic pathways, balancing and detoxifying the body in order to promote an optimal healing environment. For detailed explanations, see HOW IT WORKS.


The World Health Organization recognizes acupuncture in the treatment of over 40 common conditions, including but not limited to:

headaches/migraines • insomnia • acute/chronic pain • autoimmune disorders
depression • anxiety • stress • infertility • pms/hormonal imbalances • menopausal symptoms • addictions
chronic disease • asthma/allergies • digestive ailments 

“Jen’s presence and energy as my acupuncturist has played an important part in my wellness plan. She is skilled, sensitive and supportive, a great listener and an experienced practitioner. She bridges the western and eastern modalities in a way that creates a broad base of understanding of symptoms and treatment.”
Very thorough first session - eased my mind and had an incredible first acupuncture experience. Full health history and discussed a holistic approach to my health issues along with traditional medicine.

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well·ness (ˈwelnəs/) noun

  • the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.


vitality (vīˈtalədē/) noun

  • the state of being strong and active; energy.
  • the power giving continuance of life, present in all living things.


bal·ance (ˈbaləns/) noun

  • an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.
  • a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.