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Cupping targets soft tissue by applying local pressure to pain points and areas of swelling. As blood flow increases within vessels and capillaries, tissues receive much-needed nutrients and oxygen. Cupping practitioners use pressure, heat, suctioning and needles above or below the site of injury, allowing for energy to travel along the “channels” (meridians) that pass through the injury.

Cupping releases tissues deep inside the body, relaxes tense muscles and eases stiffness associated with chronic back and neck pains, migraines, rheumatism, and fatigue. Some athletes have been known to use cupping therapy to naturally improve performance and reduce stiffness, muscle cramps, joint pains and scar tissue caused by injuries.

Commonly used to help nourish the lungs and clear away phlegm or congestion, cupping therapy can be useful for speeding up healing time from respiratory illnesses like the flu or common colds. Cupping helps improve immune function by moving blood and lymphatic fluid throughout the body, which is why it’s been associated with reductions in lung diseases (especially chronic coughs), allergies, infections and asthma.

Cupping can also be used to reduce cellulite. It tones and firms skin by improving blood flow and expanding capillaries, making it popular among celebrities and people in the spotlight.


Gua sha is a traditional Chinese medical treatment in which the skin is scraped to produce light bruising (sha). During gua sha, toxins and stagnation are released from injured areas while blood and lymph flow are stimulated, promoting healing. Gua sha involves repeated pressured strokes over lubricated skin with a smooth edged instrument. Skin is typically lubricated with massage or peppermint oil and commonly a ceramic Chinese soup spoon was used, or a well worn coin, even honed animal bones, water buffalo horn, or jade. 




Moxibustion (Moxa) is a traditional Chinese medical therapy which consists of burning dried mugwort (moxa) on particular acupuncture points on the body. This is done to warm regions and areas with the intention of stimulating circulation through the points and inducing a smoother flow of blood and qi. It can warm and release cold and dampness trapped within the body, and it can assist in turning breech babies. Moxibustion can be especially effective in the treatment of chronic problems, deficient conditions, weakness, and gerontology as it adds new energy to the body and helps create homeostasis.

There are several methods of moxibustion. I use direct, non-scarring and indirect moxibustion. In the direct non-scarring technique, the moxa cone is removed once the skin feels warm and before the skin burns enough to scar. When using the indirect moxa technique, I hold a cigar made of moxa near the acupuncture point to heat the skin and activate the point. The skin does not burn or blister in either of these processes.


The Easton Acupuncture Smoking Cessation Program is unique in that it is designed not only to help you quit smoking but to help you remain smoke-free for good. The program consists of 8 weekly sessions in which you will be supported and instructed in new ways of reducing stress, identifying and resisting triggers and most importantly, you will receive customized acupuncture treatments designed to meet your specific needs. This 8 week program can be done on an individual basis or in groups of 5-10 participants. 


In Auricular Therapy, or ear acupuncture, the ear is used as a switchboard for the rest of the physical and emotional body. The NADA (National Acu-Detox Association) five-needle protocol utilizes five specific acu-points on the outer ear to stimulate the body's main detoxification organs and central nervous system, promoting detoxification, relaxation and leaving each participant with a sense of well-being. 

If you’ve ever been curious about acupuncture and would like to try it at a reduced cost, this is for you. Let soothing music, guided meditation, a few needles and the amazing power of Group Qi take you to a state of deep relaxation and peace.